Package 1. Product counting

Tell us which materials you are planning to bid for (example: ceramic tile CT-1, CT-2, CT-3, CT-4) and where (example: floor & elevations).  As a result, we give you total square footage for each material and its location. You can find an example in the picture below.

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Package 2. Product counting and product prices/availability

We do everything included in Package 1 plus we identify product suppliers and contact them to collect all the information you need to make a bidding estimate such as: supplier name, price per unit, shipping terms, and availability.

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Package 3. Bidding estimate

We do everything included in Package 2 plus we calculate the total for the installation and products (including shipping and waste) for each material. Everything is presented in a professional form (or you can provide your own) with your logo, contact information, and final bidding amount.

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Regular – $50 per hour
Express – $75 per hour

How we work:

  1. Send us project blueprints.
  2. We agree on what materials you are planning to bid (ceramic tile, carpet, carpet tile, etc.)
  3. We agree on what we are measuring (floors, ceilings, walls, etc.)
  4. We agree on the amount of work (measuring, measuring+prices, measuring+prices+quote).
  5. We agree on deadlines.
  6. We will offer an estimate; indicating the number of hours it will take.