Construction estimating

About construction estimating

When it comes to big projects or new construction endeavors, you may find yourself with a customer who requests pricing for material and installation. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to give a detailed report by arriving on site with a ruler, pencil, and notepad to calculate all the areas. It’s during these times where construction estimating is necessary.


The only way to make accurate calculations of all pertaining areas is to use architectural plans. This can be a rather difficult and tedious task because in addition to the distance measurements, the scale measurements should also be considered. Not to mention the fact that the measured area can have custom or abnormal shape, which is not so simple to measure.

Most architectural plans have their own features, as well as possible errors and inaccuracies that may appear. It is also important to that one takes a careful inspection when reading these plans in order not to miss some areas and to identify all the significant details.

For these reasons, construction estimating should be done by professionals who have much experience in this field and can analyze the projects successfully. Should there be any issues with the architectural plans, our team works hand in hand with architects and can contact them to discuss this on your behalf.

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5 reasons why contractors & subcontractors use our services:

  • We save you time: while we are measuring square or linear footage, counting materials and creating estimates you can concentrate on quality of your services and work with client;
  • We save you money: you don’t need to buy costly measuring programs. You don’t need to hire and pay separate employee for doing this job;
  • We save you from routine: measuring a 100,000-square foot building can be strenuous and tiresome, that’s why it’s a good idea to delegate this work to us;
  • We save you from “headaches”: you don’t need to worry about deadlines, just tell us when the work should be done and it will be done;
  • We increase your chances to win: because we do our work accurately and never break deadlines – your estimate will be competitive and on time.

5 reasons to work with us:

  1. We have done hundreds of projects from even the smallest to very extensive.
  2. We always do our work on time and take extreme care when measuring.
  3. We have estimators that have experience of 5+ years each in this field.
  4. We have a pool of 50+ satisfied clients.
  5. We offer competitive pricing against today’s standard market.

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