Honolulu Community College: Advanced Technology Training Center

Honolulu Community College

A medium sized but interesting project which contained various amounts of small details and areas separated in different color schemes.

Our estimators here at x2cl got to work on estimating the calculations for the walls and floor areas. This process took our team 4 days. We also worked on contacting suppliers and receiving information about pricing and availability which required an additional 4 days.

What we calculated: hard tile, ceramic mosaic tile, luxury vinyl tiles stripes, sheet rubber floor, vinyl composition tile and rubber cove base.

The client received all the necessary numbers and prices, and was then ready to moving forward with this project.

HNL NDWP IIT Mauka Extension Airport Division

HNL mauka extension

Another fairly large project: 700 pages of architectural plans.

It took us more than 7 days to carefully count all flooring areas and walls. In addition to this, we required another 10 days to contact all the suppliers and receive pricing for this project.

What we calculated: access flooring, carpet, ceramic tile, resilient flooring, terrazzo flooring, plastic laminate, rubber base, and stone flooring.

This estimation was completed on schedule as guaranteed time and estimate and was well received by the client. Our team here at x2cl really enjoy taking on the task of larger projects such as these and are always up to the challenge!


Hyatt Regency Waikiki

haytt regency waikiki

The client requested our team to count only the wood flooring within the public areas.

This project was a bit tricky to identify all the places where this material was used. However, we were able to complete this project in 1 days’ time.

This is a great example of a project where precise preparation is key to enable a swift and accurate construction process.

Kapiolani Residence


Here we have a multi-level building where our team estimated the public areas and units separately. This was a medium sized project containing no complexities, however consisted of a rather large square footage.

What we calculated: carpet, ceramic floor tile, wood laminate flooring, stone tile, rubber cove base, vinyl composition tile on walls, and the floor.

It took us about 7 working days to count all the materials on floor and walls and an additional 4 days to gather all pricing and availability from the dealers.

Another satisfied client!

Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki

hawaii prince hotel

Renovation of an existing hotel; a medium sized project.

This was a project which contained some complexities as not all areas needed renovation, but only some. It took additional time to handle these details and to further comprehend the architect plans, but our team was able to complete this project with any issues.

What we calculated: axminster carpet, quarry tile, porcelain hardwood, wood base, vinyl, stone cove base, porcelain tile, nylon carpet tile, and rubber flooring.

It took us about 5 working days to count all the materials on floor and walls and another 2 days to get all prices from dealers.

The client was happy to receive the results within a timely matter.

HNL Consolidated Car Rental Facility Airports Division

airport HNL car rental

Here is an impressive project (airport division) consisting of 2 parts in more that 300+ pages.

What we calculated: ceramic tile, carpet tile, quartz flooring, rubber base, methyl methacrylate flooring, stone, vinyl tile, and water repellent.

It took our team more than a week to carefully count all flooring areas and walls, as well as another week to contact all the suppliers and receive prices for this project.

Our estimation was sent to the client who enjoyed our prompt results.